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        AAAInnovation is the driving force behind the development of Kexin. It has been engaged in the production, research and development and sales of SMD surface mount discrete devices for 30 years, and has been focusing on the miniaturization of SMD surface mount discrete devices.

        High-quality electronic equipment cannot do without high-quality components, and high-quality components cannot do without high-quality raw materials. When the market has demand for new features, we will always do our best to search for the most suitable materials to provide the best quality products and services. In the field of SMD surface mount discrete devices, this purpose is accompanied by the Kexin brand and has witnessed the birth of countless new devices.

        Kexin discrete devices not only enjoy advantages and international reputation in terms of quality and price, but also in terms of service.

        Our products are used in all kinds of increasingly intelligent and modular electronic devices, such as security, digital, smart phones, industrial control, automobiles and home appliances.

        As an innovator in the field of SMD surface mount discrete devices, Kexin has been supporting the construction and development of electronic social infrastructure through research and development of new electronic devices and technologies.

        Kexin Electronics, SMD surface mount discrete device expert!

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